Cook to 160 degrees Farenheit Internal Temperature

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Today's Kitchen™

Today's Kitchen

At Cargill, we believe that fresh, quality meals shouldn't be exclusive to people with an abundance of time and culinary expertise, which is why we created Today's Kitchen™.

We understand that people have busy lives, changing tastes, and different styles for preparing food. That's why we offer a variety of seasoned, portioned, and ready to cook fresh meal solutions. Today's Kitchen™ extends beyond ground beef to include beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.

Whether it's a Monday, Sunday or any day in between, Today's Kitchen™ provides you everything you need to make life easier and your meals more interesting.

Available Flavors:

  • Steakhouse Seasoned Tavern
  • Bacon Cheddar
  • Bleu Cheese
  • Jalapeño & Pepper Jack
  • Bacon Bleu Cheese
  • Brown Ale Mustard & Cheddar
  • Mushroom & Swiss
  • Jalapeño & Cheddar
  • Sliders

Agriculture in America

Beef cattle production is the single largest agricultural segment in America.