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Standard Pride® Ground Beef


Standard Pride® ground beef

Standard Pride® Ground Beef is a quality, 100% pure ground beef option for consumers. Perfect for everyday occasions, Standard Pride® is offered in various lean point and sizes in a tube-like chub package.

Standard Pride® Ground Beef is blended with Finely Textured Beef - pure lean beef that is too thin to be removed by hand. For more than two decades, Cargill has been safely removing this meat from the fat to utilize 25 more pounds of lean beef per head of cattle. These savings help consumers purchase an affordable and wholesome ground beef option.

And Standard Pride® Ground Beef tastes great. In a double blind study, 84% of consumers preferred the flavor of Standard Pride™ Ground Beef and ranked the product higher in overall appeal than ground beef alone1.

Watch the video to learn more about Finely Textured Beef and why Standard Pride® Ground Beef is a great choice.

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  • 3lb and 5lb offerings
  • 73% lean and 80% lean


  • SAFE - USDA Inspected
  • SUSTAINABLE - Using Finely Textured Beef, we save 25 more pounds of lean beef per head of cattle
  • AFFORDABLE - Great everyday value


  • Up to 21 days


  • Up to 6 months, no need to re-warp if freezing in unopened chub packaging

1. Blind, Third Party Sensory Study conducted by 21st Sensory, Inc. Sept/Oct 2012. Both non-FTB and FTB ground beef were fresh 81% lean/19% fat.

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