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FreshLast Pack

FreshLast Pack is a vacuum-sealed package that seals in freshness naturally and without additives. This means less leaks and messes — from your cart to your car to your kitchen counter. The airtight packaging is freezer ready and helps to resist freezer burn while keeping beef fresh. The compact design takes up less space, using 65% less packaging than tray and overwrap packaging options. Ground beef in the FreshLast Pack has a deep red appearance thanks to the vacuum seal, which keeps oxygen out to preserve beef’s natural color.

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  • 1 lb. packages and multi-pack options


  • Seals in freshness
  • Resists freezer burn
  • No additives
  • Easy-open tab for clean and simplified food prep
  • Conveniently portioned and available in a variety of lean points
  • Great for immediate use, last minute meal planning and stocking up in the freezer
  • Uses 65% less packaging than conventional tray ground beef packaging


  • 24 days including date of production, which means FreshLast Pack ground beef lasts up to two weeks longer than conventional tray packaging*


  • Up to 6 months, no repacking necessary


* Ground beef in the FreshLast Pack stays fresh two weeks longer than ground beef packaged in traditional tray foam overwrap. Source: Cargill Shelf Life Study.

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