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Excel ground beef is trusted by grocery stores who want to offer fresh, great-tasting ground beef to their customers.


From the very beginning, the Excel® brand has raised the bar for beef in terms of quality and taste. That's why retail grocery stores everywhere continue to trust Excel as their partner in delivering fresh ground beef to their customers.

While Excel isn't a brand you're likely to see while shopping, Excel ground beef is packaged in-store at thousands of retail locations every day, so you'll most often find it in overwrapped trays in your grocer's meat case. With a broad product line including 18 individual lean points, plus source grinds such as ground sirloin, ground round and ground chuck, Excel offers its retail partners ground beef options for every preference. And you can count on every package living up to Cargill's stringent quality standards.

Since most Excel ground beef is packaged in store, you may not even realize that's what you're buying. But no matter how it reaches your table, you can be sure that Excel ground beef will live up to its genuinely better promise every time you serve it.

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