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Fresh Ground Beef, Straight from the Source

Cargill’s beef production and fabrication facilities in the United States and Canada allow us to provide ground beef to every part of North America, so that every package you purchase delivers the freshness and great flavor you expect. Explore the many facilities that help bring Cargill ground beef to your table and discover how our employees impact their local communities.

What is an Establishment Number?

An Establishment Number is a unique numeric code required by law that identifies the plant where each package of Cargill ground beef was produced.

How can I find it?

Simply look for a seal similar to the one pictured here on the front of any ground beef package to track the ground beef you purchase back to its plant of origin. If there is no seal, look for "Est." on the package and use the number following those letters.

Calgary, AB (Est. 700)

Acquired: 2010
Employees: 230

Community involvement: Employees at the Calgary Cargill facility are proud supporters of the local United Way organization, providing both monetary donations and volunteer hours throughout the year.

High River, AB (Est. 93)

Constructed: 1989
Employees: 2,000

Community involvement: The High River location is heavily involved in its community, providing multi-faceted support to United Way, High River Hospital, Rowan House, local food banks and elementary/middle school lunch programs.

Watson, ON (Est. 216)

Acquired: 2005
Employees: 750

Community involvement: Cargill’s Watson team gives back to the community by providing monetary and product donations, as well as volunteer support, to United Way, Adopt a Family at Christmas and Earth Day community cleanup.

Guelph, ON (Est. 51)

Acquired: 2005
Employees: 1,149

Community involvement: The team at Guelph gives back to the community through volunteer support and monetary/product donations for charities such as United Way, Adopt a Family at Christmas and Earth Day community cleanup.

Brampton, ON (Est. 146)

Acquired: 2004
Employees: 66

Community involvement: From monetary donations to feeding the needy, Brampton employees take an active role in their community, focusing on the Sick Kids Foundation in Toronto and participating in local fundraising events.

Chambly, QC (Est. 93B)

Constructed: 2002
Employees: 470 

Community involvement: Cargill's Chambly employees provide a range of support to organizations such as the United Way, various breast cancer charities, local food banks and other local organizations.

Fresno, CA (Est. 354)

Acquired: 2006
Employees: 980

Community involvement: Cargill’s Fresno team supports its community through Habitat for Humanity and children’s charitable organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way and Ronald McDonald House.

Fresno, CA (Est. 31913)

Acquired: 2006
Employees: 980

Community involvement: Cargill’s Fresno team supports its community through Habitat for Humanity and children’s charitable organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way and Ronald McDonald House.

Ft. Morgan, CO (Est. 86R)

Acquired: 1987
Employees: 2,000

Community involvement: Fort Morgan employees support the United Way, Relay for Life and feed the needy by donating beef to Caring Ministries. The facility also captures renewable methane gas to save $1 million in gas consumption each year.

Dodge City, KS (Est. 86K)

Constructed: 1980
Employees: 2,750

Community involvement: Dodge City employees provide volunteer time and monetary donations to organizations such as United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Youthville, YMCA, AMBUCS and American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Friona, TX (Est. 86E)

Acquired: 1968
Employees: 1,950

Community involvement: The Friona Cargill facility donates efforts and resources to local churches, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, along with cancer and disease awareness and prevention charities.

Ft. Worth, TX (Est. 86F)

Acquired: 2012
Employees: 246

Community involvement: This facility takes an active role in the Ronald McDonald House, and has created its own Cargill Cares council to focus resources across the plant toward helping and giving back to the community.

Schuyler, NE (Est. 86M)

Acquired: 1987
Employees: 2,000

Cargill’s Schuyler location provides integrated support to the community and local schools through participation in Chamber of Commerce activities, Youth Club sports, Senior Center events and more.

Marshall, MO (Est. 85M)

Constructed: 2011
Employees: 400 

Community involvement: Marshall employees support the United Way, Relay for Life and Community Cancer Center, while also initiating a "Green Team" to promote on-site and at-home preservation of natural resources.

Spruce Grove, AB (Est. 146A)

Constructed: 2004
Employees: 100

Community involvement: Spruce Grove employees are partners and strong supporters of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Involvement includes donations to the Houses, monthly Home for Dinner participation and their annual Score for the Houses hockey tournament. Our Cargill Cares Committee also helps with donations to local causes.

Butler, WI (Est. 924A)

Acquired: 2001
Employees: 466

Community involvement: Butler employees take part in charitable food programs such as Feeding America and community cookout events, while also supporting National Night Out, cancer-prevention charities and Earth Day.

Newnan, GA (Est. 86G)

Constructed: 1998
Employees: 350

Community involvement: Cargill in Newnan proudly supports the United Way through donations of time and resources, while the facility's "Green Team" helps protect and preserve natural resources through on-site and community-based projects.

Columbus, NE (Est. 86C)

Acquired: 2009
Employees: 311

Community involvement: The Cargill Columbus team supports its community by participating in United Way, Habitat for Humanity, American Heart Association and Relay for Life Cancer Walk programs, and providing mentoring for children.

Hazleton, PA (Est. 86P)

Constructed: 2001
Employees: 1,000

Community involvement: Hazleton employees provide ongoing support and involvement to the United Way and 34 other non-profit organizations. This facility proudly participates in Earth Day events and activities, and operates a produce stand for employees.

Wyalusing, PA (Est. 9400)

Acquired: 2002
Employees: 1,105

Community involvement: As the largest local United Way supporter, Cargill Wyalusing has pledged more than $100,000 annually since 2008 and continues to support Big Brothers Big Sisters and participate in the Fireman’s Carnival and other local events.

Milwaukee, WI (Est. 20654)

Acquired: 2001
Employees: 220

Community involvement:The Milwaukee team shows its community support through donations of volunteer hours, product and dollars to deserving local organizations such as United Way, Habitat for Humanity and Toys for Tots.

Columbia, SC (Est. 86A)

Constructed: 1977, Transitioned to Cargill in April 2016
Employees: 250

Community involvement:The Columbia employees provide continual support to United Way and Relay for Life through attending events, volunteering, and monetary donations. The employees also regularly volunteer with the local food bank, ensuring that the community’s needs are met.

Fresno, CA (Est. 34706)

Established: 2008
Employees: 170

Community involvement: The Cargill teams support their community by participating in the "Fore The House" annual golf tournament to raise money for the local Ronald McDonald House.

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