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What is Finely Textured Beef (FTB)?


When making ground beef, there is meat that is just too thin to be removed by hand. For more than two decades, Cargill has been safely removing this meat from the fat to create ground beef at a much lower cost to consumers. This is Finely Textured Beef. It is USDA inspected, 100% pure beef. Ground beef made with Finely Textured Beef gives consumers an affordable, 100% ground beef option.

How is FTB Made?

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Standard Pride® Ground Beef

Standard Pride® Ground Beef is a quality, 100% pure ground beef option for consumers. Because Standard Pride® Ground Beef is blended with Finely Textured Beef, we are able to utilize 25 more pounds of lean beef per head of cattle. These savings help consumers purchase an affordable and wholesome ground beef option.

Superior quality and flavor

The proven process used to produce FTB is simple, and has been in use for decades. In fact, during a recent study, a representative sample of primary U.S. grocery shoppers favored the taste, tenderness and texture of FTB ground beef over non-FTB product.1

1. Blind, Third Party Sensory Study conducted by 21st Sensory, Inc. Sept/Oct 2012. Both non-FTB and FTB ground beef were fresh 81% lean/19% fat.

Transparent Labeling

In effort to enhance consumer awareness about ground beef products regarding how they are made and used, Cargill labels all ground beef products containing Finely Textured Beef.

Since January 2014, all ground beef products containing FTB carry the printed declaration "Contains Finely Textured Beef" on labels. You can see an example of the FTB declaration on the back of the Standard Pride ground beef chub below.

Transparent Labeling
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