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Cargill uses superior processes and high standards to help ensure product quality.

Focused on quality, from farm to fork

At Cargill, we set high standards, both for ourselves and for our partners throughout the supply chain.

We start with superior live animals, which deliver a higher quality and more consistent product. And whether those animals are sourced from our own feedlots or from one of the hundreds of commercial feedlots and family-owned ranches we work with, our goal remains the same: ensuring that only the highest-quality cattle reach our facilities.

As an industry leader in animal welfare, we believe humane and respectful handling of our animals is a moral obligation. Many of our facilities were designed in consultation with world-renown scientist, animal welfare advocate and author Dr. Temple Grandin to help minimize animal stress, and we continuously monitor operations throughout our supply chain to make sure every Cargill partner and employee meets or exceeds industry animal welfare standards.

The same skilled meat cutters who turn beef into steaks and roasts also make responsible use of beef trimmings. These trimmings are used in producing Cargill ground beef, and we use technology to capture lean beef that would otherwise be wasted to create Finely Textured Beef, or FTB. Used in a number of Cargill ground beef products, this nutritious, 100% pure, 95% lean beef is used to create the various lean points you'll find in your grocer's meat case.

So no matter what Cargill ground beef product you purchase, you can rest assured that our standards for product quality, safety and consistency remain high. And you can count on the same great ground beef flavor and performance every time you use it.

Curious about how Cargill ground beef is made? Watch our video to learn more.

Ensuring product quality and safety

Our quality assurance processes help verify that every package of ground beef we produce meets stringent quality standards. A strict lean point verification process guarantees that the lean points stated on our packages are absolutely accurate, and we focus on keeping ground beef fresh and cold all the way from the production floor to your grocer's meat case.

Cargill also leads the industry in innovative food safety practices, employing a wide range of interventions to help achieve our goal that every product we ship is safe and wholesome. From minimizing the presence of harmful bacteria to ongoing testing of every batch of ground beef we produce, we’re committed to product safety throughout our production process. While no supplier can guarantee a ground beef product that is completely safe, it is a goal we pursue with vigilance every day, and we continue to develop and utilize the best technology available to enhance the safety of our products.

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