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Quality ground beef begins with quality sources

From the American ranchers who support our call for premium grain-fed beef cattle to the feedlots, processing plants and grocery retailers that are part of our "farm to fork" supply chain, we're proud of the long-term relationships we've built with suppliers at every level. As demonstrated by these hard-working ranching families, our relationships often span generations. Yet their hard work represents an irreplaceable link in a quality chain that extends from their ranches to your table.

Two generations of the Speckner family have provided cattle to Cargill.

Meet the Speckner Family

Lingle, Wyoming

Since 1938, the Speckner family has been in the business of raising quality cattle for American beef lovers. As operators of Speckner Livestock Co., Stan and his sons, Joe and Michael, continue the family tradition of supplying American beef to Cargill – beef we proudly provide to your family, and to ours.

The Meyring family has raised quality beef cattle for four generations.

Meet the Meyring Family

Alliance, Nebraska

Over 50 years and four generations, the Meyrings have perfected the process of raising cattle in the heart of the Midwestern plains, where some of the best beef cattle are produced. Today, they operate the Meyring Cattle Company and remain committed to bringing nutritious, fresh beef to Cargill and families everywhere.

For more than 50 years, the Mushrush family has raised quality cattle.

Meet the Mushrush Family

Elmdale, Kansas

The Mushrush family has excelled in providing quality cattle and consistent beef products for over 50 years. Mushrush Angus Farms started with Joe's father, Bob, and focuses on raising cattle in a sustainable, ethical, humane and caring way.

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U.S. Beef Production

The United States provides 25 percent of the world's beef and 10 percent of the world's cattle.