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Our Certified ground beef: one of America's most trusted ground beef brands.

Our Certified Ground Beef

As one of America's most trusted and recognizable ground beef brands, Our Certified ground beef continues to set the standard for quality, freshness and flavor.

Sold through select retailers nationwide, Our Certified offers one of the broadest ground beef product lines available, with 18 individual lean points, including source grinds such as ground sirloin, ground round and ground chuck, packaged in both chub and case ready trays. As a result, Our Certified offers ground beef options for every preference, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of our retail customers and their discerning consumers.

The Our Certified brand delivers all of the flavor and nutritional value you might expect from an all-natural*, 100% pure ground beef product. And every pound has to meet Cargill's high standards for product performance, quality and safety.

* Contains no artificial ingredients, only minimally processed.

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