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Produced regionally for freshness, Meadowland Farms provides great taste and a variety of lean points.

Meadowland Farms®

With Meadowland Farms® ground beef, freshness is everything. It’s fresh because it’s regionally produced, allowing us to deliver fresher ground beef to our retail partners quickly, minimizing the time between packaging and reaching their meat case.

Offered in lean points ranging from 73% lean/27% fat to 93% lean/7% fat, and including ground sirloin, ground round and ground chuck source grinds, Meadowland Farms ground beef offers the options you need with the fresh taste you expect.

Sold in easy-to-store 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-pound chubs and case ready trays, or packaged by the retailer in trays for your convenience, Meadowland Farms ground beef delivers fresh ground beef that ensures a delicious eating experience every time.

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Tried and Trusted Ground Beef

People have been eating ground beef for centuries. Ground or minced beef dates back to the Middle Ages.