Cook to 160 degrees Farenheit Internal Temperature

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At Cargill, being an industry leading provider of safe, nutritious and affordable ground beef isn't just our job. It's our passion.

We take pride in our products, processes and facilities. But most of all, we're proud of our ongoing commitments to the quality and safety of every package of ground beef we produce. Because ultimately, we're not just making that ground beef for your family. We're making it for our families too.

So look around, and explore all the things that make Cargill ground beef fresh, delicious and wholesome, from start to finish.

Contains no artificial ingredients, only minimally processed.

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Ground Beef Complements

It’s no coincidence that beef is often paired with certain ingredients in both recipes and menu items. Some of the top flavors to pair with beef include aged cheeses, bacon, barbecue sauce, bell peppers, garlic, mushrooms and onions.